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New Zealand and franchising go together like coffee and cheesecake. With most of its franchises being local brands, New Zealand has experienced great growth in small business ownership since the early days of franchising.

It's important to note that not all franchised businesses are created equal with many systems and models on the market, some purely set up to generate the most revenue for the franchisor and not operate out of the best interest of its franchisees.

Waikato Cleaning Services went a different route and built a franchise model from the ground up using prior industry experience and market research to find out exactly what a franchisee would want out of their franchised business.

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Why Invest in Us

Investing in a franchise is also investing in the right company and the people. We offer the following additional benefits.

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Fair Hourly Rates for Franchisees

"You get what you pay" saying stays strong in the cleaning industry. We have often found competitors under-quoting us to win the customers, however, on the other hand, we always aim to price fairly for our quality cleaning so our franchisees working with fair hourly rates are profiting and can continue to provide quality cleaning to their customers. We look after our franchisees it's that simple!

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We Care

It is a two-way street, and we look after our team and provide the support they need! We provide fair hourly rates, great support and systems so our franchisees can continue investing and are encouraged to perform well while making a better profit.

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Years of Experience & Success

Work directly with the founder who created the cleaning company and its foundations.     Supporting you in establishing and opening your new cleaning business.

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Effective Training & Tools

Work Smarter, Not Harder! Even though we believe there is no success with hard work, you can still work more intelligently and efficiently to produce better results in less time than someone who is not well-trained. We provide thorough training, trialled and tested equipment, and introduce you to our trade secrets and cleaning techniques before you get started. Our effective and reliable cleaning system ensures efficient and clever cleaning.

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Interest Free Payment

Interest-free differed payment options available for the initial investment.

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Invoicing & Admin

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Excellent Investment

The right cleaning business, if done correctly, should give you a good profit margin, flexibility and freedom.

Be Your Own Boss

    Freedom to choose the income you like to start with and expand only when you are ready and have the capacity.


We are happy to provide our current franchisee details to discuss their experience with us! We also have a fair and transparent fee structure, where the franchisee only ever pays royalty fees while earning.

What Our Franchise's Say:

Waikato Cleaning Services .....

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Thoroughly screened
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Trained in commercial cleaning

Confidence in the System & Equipment

In our quest to raise the standard of cleaning within the industry, we have done our research to ensure we use the best and most efficient chemicals, equipment, and cleaning methods possible.

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Thorough initial training, including our trade secrets, business model and cleaning techniques
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Start-up kit of trialled and tested equipment, chemicals and cleaning materials
Trusted by the best
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